XDW Discovery Zone

3:00 pm
June 9, 2022
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Design Offices: Media Park
Session Description

Break-out and dive in as we invite you to jump into the XDW Discovery Zone. Together with our destination partners, we have created an informal marketplace where you can get to know some of the talented creative minds behind the tech-driven companies, thriving in and around Cologne and North Rhein Westphalia. If you're curious to explore conceptual ideas around XR, understand the possibilities to exploit gaming and gamification or do more with data by leveraging AI in your solutions, the Discovery Zone offers a range of interesting perspectives to consider.

AR Teleportation with Spot AR

Time Travel with TimeRide

AR Art Gallery with eXplorins

AR Travel guide with Travellar (oneGuide)

EcoHopper Trail with Greencentive ‍