Fireside Chat

The Reality of Transformation

10:15 am
March 29, 2023
Veles e Vents
Session Description

We'll hear from tourism senior leaders about their experiences driving change through transformation. The session will kick off with a keynote from Kaisa Kosonen, Head of Digital Development at Visit Finland. She'll tell us more about how the pandemic enabled the digital transformation of the industry, with a strong focus on technology and sustainability, to drive change and ensure the destination becomes more resilient. She'll be joined by Wendy Weijdema, Strategy, Research and Innovation Manager at MarketingOost, for a fireside chat where we'll make links between the importance of having data, and understanding it, but also ensuring collaboration and communication between the different levels in destinations to achieve results and true transformation. Joan-Carles Cambrils, Deputy Director at Fundació Visit València, will also share a city perspective of destination transformation and talk about their experience as the 2022 European Capital of Smart Tourism. Explore what it takes to create a holistic transformation process, looking at these destinations' promotion, collaboration and strategies.