Social Evening

7:00 pm
June 7, 2022
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Urban Loft Hotel
Session Description

Join us for a rooftop party at the Urban Loft. We will be enjoying the sunset with some of the authentically made local and international cuisine and drinks that gives you a taste of German and cosmopolitan flavours. There will be live music by music band Chogori, where you can immerse yourself in jazz, indie and electronica music. We also be joined by Modular Fields to share some enjoy Popular Music Tales of Cologne. This social evening will be all about soaking in the artistic atmosphere and meeting some like-minded people to discover friendships and partnerships.

Join us for live music with Chogori.

Chogori is the latest project of Duesseldorf based composers Ralf Stritt and Gregor Kermann. They decided to work with Martell Beigang, who is renowned for his musical and inspirational drumming. As a trio they create analog electronic music accompanied by acoustic instruments. Analog synthesizer combined with bowed double bass define the sound of Chogori. Their focus lies on the hypnotic rhythms and the emotional depth of the compositions, performed with implicit, zen-like ease.


– Ralf Stritt – analog synthesizer & electric Piano
– Gregor Kerkmann – upright bass & arco
– Martell Beigang – drums & percussion