Inside the Data Dashboard

3:45 pm
March 29, 2023
Veles e Vents
Session Description

We'll deep dive into the perspectives of destinations investing in new data-led initiatives, from collaborative data programmes to business intelligence. This session will explore the many questions which remain unanswered from destinations embarking on this journey thanks to the perspectives of Wendy Weijdema, Strategy, Research and Innovation Manager at MarketingOost, and Brian Harte, Head of Customer Engagement & E-Marketing at Tourism Ireland. Wendy will be telling us everything about MarketingOost's data strategy, the importance of being data-driven and the challenges faced by destinations when trying to involve different stakeholders and their needs in this process - sharing with us the keys to achieving results from their experience and learnings. Brian will help us understand the relevance of data within our organisations and how it can power technological solutions. We'll also be joined by Olivier Jager, Co-founder & CEO at ForwardKeys, and Regis Cazanave, Vice President of Product at ForwardKeys, who will share about the importance of data dashboards for informed decision-making.