EcoHopper Trail with Greencentive

1:00 pm
June 6, 2022
Session Description

The programme for Monday is set to explore the unique digital visitor experiences offered by the region of urbanana. We've planned some insightful technical visits for you to experience some of the latest developments in Cologne.

To start the day, we invite you to follow the EcoHopper trail, an initiative by Greencentive that takes you on a journey to explore the local and sustainable businesses in the region. EcoHopper provides a sustainable city guide. It's an interesting way to guide visitors towards taking sustainable measures while exploring a destination. During the trail, you'll explore the shopping experience with the local and authentic businesses, which are part of a zero-waste and upcycling initiative while creating a greater connection with the local community and heritage of the city. During the XDW, we'll be exploring the different sustainable innovations that could offer impactful and responsible visitor experiences.