Driving Place-Based Innovation

11:30 am
March 29, 2023
Veles e Vents
Session Description

In this session, we'll look at a number of hand-picked projects which are focused on place-based innovation. We'll start things off with a keynote from Giannis Giatas, Content Marketing Manager at Marketing Greece. He will help us understand more about their "How to Athens" project and campaign, which encourages visitors to discover the city's untapped neighbourhoods and hidden gems to highlight its culture from a new perspective. Tomas Andersson, Manager of Corporate Communication at Visit Stockholm, will also join this session to tell us about how they're involving locals and shifting towards a more holistic view of the city, which responds to the needs of different target groups. They will both be joined by Chiara Loos, Brand and Marketing Manager at Helsinki Partners who, through a fireside chat, will help us uncover the keys of driving innovation. Join us as we look at change from the highly conceptual to the rarely seen under-the-hood improvements.