X Design Week: Shaping Tourism Innovation

Following the successful launch of X. Design Week (XDW) last year in Cologne, the DTTT is holding the 2nd edition in València between the 29th-31st of March 2023. The event is in conjunction with TheNextWeb, bringing together global tech leaders and providing great networking opportunities between the travel sector and tech entrepreneurs.

XDW will be a three-day gathering, exploring the major shifts in tourism. Immerse yourself in a transformative design experience focused on the key themes defining future visitor experiences and tackling the industry's main challenges.

XDW starts with a Knowledge Summit, with inspiring talks and workshops on the current topics of interest for DMOs and the wider tourism industry. On the following day, the Design Summit will use collaboration and design thinking tools - including ideation - to solve the specific challenges faced by the travel sector using our Challenge Wall at the heart of TNW. Finally, on the third and final day, our Leadership Sessions will share best-practice and inspirational examples of how technology and sustainability can be better incorporated into travel.

Knowledge Summit - 29th March

Reality of Transformation

Tourism has faced extreme disruption over the past few years. To respond to the numerous external threats placed on the industry and adapt to changing consumer trends, the travel sector has also had to evolve and reinvent travel experiences. What is needed for designing a holistic transformation process? We'll learn how to align stakeholders around the same goals and how innovation and technology fit into these desires.

Driving Place-Based Innovation

How can destinations innovate based on their local needs and spur regional economic developments? Various DMOs will present how they've developed their destination, ranging from highly conceptual new developments to local and smaller-scale upgrading of facilities.

Digital Service Design

What role do digital channels play in keeping tourism brands at the top of consumers' minds? Are DMOs promoting places to visitors or shaping experiences which speak for themselves? This theme will review projects that combine tech, data and user experiences to transform experiences.

Inside the Data Dashboard

Data is central to tourism strategies, both for destinations and businesses. This topic explores the initiatives and unanswered questions from destinations investing in new data-led initiatives, from collaborative data programmes to business intelligence.

Design Summit - 30th March

Challenge Wall

The design summit is all about making connections - between ideas and people. Meet entrepreneurs, tourism experts and investors while you network and let ideas flow! Sessions are designed to inspire new ideas, explore opportunities and create rapid prototypes to solve the most pressing challenges faced by the industry.

AI Testing with DMO practitioners

With continuous improvement in AI modelling, how can this tool be applied within the travel industry? In this inspiring session, industry leaders will be invited to share their perspectives and opinions on the integration of AI into business operations. Playfulness is central to XDW and this exciting session will also test the usage of AI tools with real-life cases.

Leadership Sessions - 31st March


The roundtables bring together tourism leaders in their respective fields. Three invite-only sessions will be held focusing on:

  1. Sustainability Design: How can tourism foster better working methods? DMOs are encouraged to share sustainability-specific knowledge and collaborative initiatives.
  2. Data & Technology for Destination Management: How can data help destinations better manage the industry by obtaining the right insights and knowledge?
  3. Digital Leaders: The session will discuss technology frameworks, the role that digital communication should play, as well as the investment prioritisation in content creation, omnichannel campaigns and technology development.

Are you interested in attending this Place-focused, Purposeful and Playful event? It's time to re-design tourism.

Do you want to learn more about the programme and themes? Rewatch our launch event.