What challenges will you be visioneering?

Here at the Digital Tourism Think Tank we have always been at the forefront of driving innovation and change in our industry, so what's the big idea with 'visioneering' and why are we making this the focal point of our newest flagship event, X. Design Week?

In short, our industry is undergoing rapid change with an acceleration of technology advancements driven by AI, a radically redefined consumer, in both behaviour, attitudes and expectations and mounting pressure to undergo destination level transformation towards a more sustainable and purposeful tourism offer. Whilst this often presents more questions than answers, X. Design Week is designed to create a platform, at least, to explore possible scenarios.

X. Design Week & TheNextWeb València

X. Design Week (29-31 March 2023) will be a three-day gathering in València, exploring the major shifts in tourism. This year, we're teaming up with TheNextWeb (TNW), gathering 2,000 participants from 300 tech and innovative start-ups to run large-scale solution-oriented ideation sprints where tourism challenges can benefit from a heavy dose of active innovation.

As a DMO or tourism industry professional, this is your chance to immerse yourself in a transformative design experience focused on the key themes defining future visitor experiences and tackling the industry's main challenges.

Our aim has been to design an event which explores the future. Future approaches to shaping the destination brand, future applications of technology throughout the visitor cycle, future notions of experience design and future transformations to make tourism a positive contributor to society and the planet.

To set the scene, participants bring their challenges right into the core of the events, whilst the DTTT has also invited organisations across Europe to participate in this huge co-design process with their Tourism Transition Pathway Pledges aligned with the European Tourism Transition Pathway - setting the scene for Digital and Sustainable future. Ideas and solutions will all make it into a whitepaper following XDW.

So how does it all come together? Well there are three distinct days, each with several parts.

Wednesday - The Knowledge Summit

On Wednesday 29th March, the Knowledge Summit will take place in the main auditorium in Lanzadera, set right in the heart of the La Marina de València. This beautiful setting gives us the space to deep-dive on the most important topics, an open space for ideation in-between and just outside you'll get plenty of blue sky thinking.

Four key sessions explore different needs and priorities in tourism, whilst each on-stage keynote or fireside chat is then followed by collaborative ideation, where you'll explore trends and ideas with your peers.

  1. Part 1 - Destination Transformation: Redefining how destinations can be transformed and how everyone's needs can be incorporated into the destination's future vision.
  2. Part 2- Driving Place-Based Innovation: How can place-based innovation be fostered and furthered in València?
  3. Part 3 - Digital Service Design: Proposing how digital service in the tourism industry will look in the future. What might customer experiences be like in 2050?
  4. Part 4 - Inside the Data Dashboard: Exploring how to take tourism strategies to the next level by using different types of data and maximising their potential.

Thursday - TNW & The Design Summit

Thursday is the start of TNW València, a huge festival of start-ups, innovators and tech entrepreneurs that creates an explosion of new, fresh and forward-thinking solutions. As a tourism industry professional, this represents a marketplace of possible ideas, partnerships and amazing conversations on everything tech and innovation. Don't forget, your XDW Ticket grants you unfettered access to the entire TNW programme as well.

We'll also be right there in the heart of things, with two super exciting features.

Giant Challenge Wall - Ideating Tourism's Biggest Challenges

The Challenge Wall sits at the heart of TNW and will use collaboration and design thinking tools to solve the specific challenges the travel sector faces. The design summit is about making connections - between ideas and people.

Here, we'll design a huge wall setting out the biggest questions being asked in tourism today and inviting 3,000 start-ups and tech entrepreneurs to ideate on possible ideas to solve these challenges. The more radical the thinking, the better. This is a chance to also incorporate challenges from XDW Participants and see how the tech community responds to them.

Afternoon Session on Visioneering with AI

With the arrival of OpenAI and big announcements from the likes of Google's LaMDA, DeepMind and many others in the pipeline, we'll be dedicating a major part of XDW to exploring the potential - or potential disruption - of AI in our industry.

Join leading Digital and Marketing Leaders alongside hand-picked experts and panellists as we ask and navigate some really tricky questions together. As part of the audience, you will be invited to imagine how we might use AI to explore current challenges in tourism, from the digital team's focus on marketing and competitiveness to strategic aims such as growing the value of tourism.

Friday - The Leadership Sessions

The TNW València programme continues all day, so you'll certainly have a lot to discover and explore whether or not you're joining a Leadership Session.

If you're a member, you're invited to Friday's Leadership Sessions. Spaces are limited so be sure to sign-up early and request to join one of our three private boardroom-style roundtable discussions.

Our three leadership roundtables will bring together tourism leaders from different fields and discuss how different DMOs are responding to the challenges in innovative ways:

  1. Sustainability Design - How might we put human-centred design to the test in shaping and exploring sustainable futures? Can we come together, run exploratory initiatives and all feed into a large-scale prototype?
  2. Data & Technology for Destination Management - What actions are needed to take 'big data' to the next level, putting it to work to develop innovative solutions which address behaviour and impact driven by technology?
  3. Digital Leaders - Drawing up a roadmap for the Digital Leaders Community, to explore benchmarking solutions, future collaboration, data-sharing initiatives and further exploration of emerging tech.

Yes, it's #IRL

We think this is pretty obvious but we still keep getting asked nonetheless. To clarify once and for all - everything above is happening in real life. We miss our community and we want to see you again. If you're new, welcome. This is anything but business as usual.

If we've convinced you then go ahead and book your place or reach out through the chat. We're so looking forward to seeing you in València.