Discover the XDW Urban Jungle

As we are moving closer to the dates of XDW 2022, we are excited to share with you interesting insights about all the recent developments, so you don’t miss out on any important details of DTTT’s first-ever conceptual event X DESIGN WEEK. Join us to explore and design the meta shift in tourism, trends, technology, and destination experience taking place from 6th -10th June 2022 in Cologne, Germany.

Here's a detailed insight into the interesting works and projects of our key partner for XDW 2022 - Urbanana - a polycentric banana-shaped urban jungle reaching from the Rhineland to the Ruhr area, forming a creative metropolitan region. The region is an urban center created by the strategic partnership between Tourism NRW, Visit Düsseldorf, Cologne Tourism and Ruhr Tourism that explores the interplay between creative industries, digital innovations, and tourism.

With XDW 2022 we will be exploring the digital tourism trends, innovating, collaborating, and re-designing the tourism sector. The region offers a perfect setting to explore the potential between technology, creative arts, innovation, and community building a supportive visitor economy.

During the XDW 2022, we will be discovering and re-designing the future of the tourism sector with Urbanana, where the experts from the region along with international innovators & disruptors will be sharing their passion, ideas, and vision in the field of mixed reality, gamification, digital arts festival, AI solutions and a lot more to develop impactful destination experiences.

Explore the Urbanana lifestyle:

The region has attracted artists of urban pop culture, digital start-ups, ex-pat communities looking for sustainable urban lifestyles, design & contemporary art enthusiasts, and travelers to explore the Urbanana way of living. Today, the region proudly shares its urban art walls, pop-history exhibitions, techno punk music festivals, and mixed reality historical tours offering a unique visitor experience to the travelers.

Here are a few reasons why we are excited to explore the urban shift during XDW at Urbanana:

1. Immersive Digital Art Projects:

Urbanana has developed into a hub for digital innovations with XR and urban arts. The interactive digital project undertaken by Cylvester and City Leaks is transforming empty left-out spaces in the city into a digital art exhibition with super interactive and immersive elements like electronic music, mixed reality visuals, and art. While walking through the region of Urbanana you’ll come across the various interactive & reactive audio-visual installations and interventions in public space.

. Home to Festivals and Events:  

The Urbanana region has become a home to various festivals, events, and conventions that foster digital transformation. The Urban arts festival like The City Leaks Urban Arts Festival, & the C/o pop Music Festival attract pop-culture enthusiasts from all over the world. We will be exploring more on how can pop-up experiences, festivals, and niche themes can contribute to developing unique visitor experiences with City Leaks & C/o Pop during XDW 2022 during XDW. Another great example of niche experience in Urbanana region is the Sounds of Urbanana, where you can follow a historical ‘Pop Trail' with your phone that will introduce you to clubs, bars, and concert locations along with interesting stories from the Musicland of NRW, Cologne, Düsseldorf, and the Ruhr Area.

3. Hub for the Gaming industry:  

Apart from the Urban arts, the Urabanana region is also home to the gaming industry which is rapidly booming and innovating gaming solutions to create immersive & edutainment projects for the destination. The region holds the International Conference on the Art, Technology, and Theory of Digital Games which gathers experts and young minds to discover the potential of the gaming industry. The Cologne Game Lab will be integrating its gamification expertise into the XDW during discussions on interactive gaming experiences for the destinations.

4. Exploring heritage with a journey back in time:

You can now walk back through time and immerse yourself in the Cologne of the Golden Twenties with a unique VR experience offered by Time Ride. you can witness the beauty of the city of Cologne before WW II, and discover how the city evolved through time with historical developments that left traces on the city’s character and appearance. We will be discovering more about how immersive technology is transforming the cultural heritage experience at tourism destinations with Time Ride during XDW.

5. Effective Sustainable solutions:

Urbanana is evolving as the city of the future, the region is determined to work on sustainable solutions to urban challenges of tourism destinations. One of the interesting start-ups VYTAL in Urbanana is on a mission to establish a digital recycling system that offers anyone, including gastronomists, supermarkets, and delivery services, sustainable and cost-efficient alternatives for disposable products and plastic waste. During XDW, we'll be working on design sprints to find solutions contributing to sustainability goals.

We are excited to invite you to explore this urban jungle with us during XDW 2022. Be a part of the Urbanana culture, and gather inspiration from the creative and digital initiatives of the region as it designs the city of the future. You can save a spot for your participation in XDW.