Creating a Collaborative Experience with Design Offices

The world is transforming at a rapid speed, we at DTTT invite you to explore with us the digital transitions in the tourism sector and re-shaping the future trends with XDW 2022. During the event, we’ll be visioneering the challenges faced by the travel sector today, and designing the trends, ideas, and, destination experiences that will be leading the tourism sector in the future from 6th-10th June 2022 in Cologne, Germany.

We are excited to partner with Design Offices as they share the same vision of transforming the businesses by offering a flexible and agile work environment that supports new innovative ideas, inspiring strategies, and, creative thoughts. We invite you to ditch your traditional workspace for a week and join us to experience the transition to a more interactive, dynamic, and, immersive work environment as we collaborate, innovate and re-design the tourism sector.  

Here's how XDW will unfold with Design Offices in the form of a super productive, immersive, and interactive week:

Fireside Discussions and talks:

XDW will be packed with inspirational talks and fire-sided discussions uncovering the industry insights on the areas of developing tourism experiences with emerging technology, exploring opportunities of XR, AI, machine learning, and gamification in offering tourism solutions. The flexible and modern set-up of Design Offices ensures the exchange of knowledge, creative ideas, and practices from the industry. You can learn about the inside & outside industry perspectives of the businesses, destination leaders, academics, & technology experts on the meta shift that is transforming the tourism experiences of the future. Be a part of insightful discussions to contribute to the future trends of the travel industry.

Design Sprints:

XDW will be taking place in a form of a mega Design Sprint spread across different areas and sections of the design offices throughout the week. Together with the industry leaders, we will be working on developing solutions to various challenges faced by the tourism industry.

There will be dynamic spaces throughout the design offices to explore various themes. XDW will have design sprints covering different four themes of exploring the macro shift in tourism, digital destination stewardship, developing unique & immersive visitor experiences with niche themes, festivals and pop-up experiences, and sustainable innovation.

Therefore, to support the flexible and agile flow of thoughts and ideas, the perfectly organised workspaces of Design Offices provide fluidity of space in different areas that support the identification of challenges, rapid ideation, and prototyping of solutions. There will be ideation walls on different topics to discover the various possibilities of building intriguing solutions to industry challenges. You will be walking around across the spaces to express your thoughts, exchange ideas, communicate potential collaboration opportunities, and, experiment with different themes. With design offices, XDW will be developing a flexible work landscape to foster maximum creativity and imagination, so you can gain inspiration from different groups working on various industry challenges.  

Learn more about the XDW sprints here.

Discovery zones:

XDW is focused on exploring the recent advancements in the field of technology that are driving the digital transformation in the tourism sector. We have created an informal marketplace where you can get to know some of the talented tech and creative minds behind the tech-driven creative industries thriving in Urabanana. The Discovery Zone will be a dedicated interactive, immersive, and inspirational space to explore the live working examples of digital solutions like AR/VR, gamification, and urban digital art solutions that are offering a unique visitor experience in sharing the culture and heritage of a destination for travellers.

Co-working Labs:

During XDW, the co-working labs are communal workspace that provides the flexibility for communication and networking between the international community of tourism and tech professionals to explore opportunities for collaboration on interesting innovation projects. Here, we would encourage you to enjoy maximum flexibility while deriving all the benefits of a modern, professional business setting.

Join us at XDW to explore the new agile work culture and tourism trends of the future. Save your space for XDW 2022 today.